Who We are.

Helping Hands of Carolina was formed in 1990 to operate as a faith based organization which exists to serve people as an extension of the Christian ministry of healing; offering a continuum of quality services with a commitment to care for people affected with HIV/AIDS, education, and community services.
Since incorporation in 1990, Helping Hands of Carolina has grown from both a HIV/AIDS and breast cancer examination ministry to a multifaceted agency with seven distinct service facilities.
Helping Hands of Carolina has served the youth since 1991 by teaching them how to prevent HIV/AIDS infection and other STD through abstinence or for those who have already been sexually active, through having safe and protected sex.
As staff made contact with the youth, we realized that many children are ashamed or scared to talk to their parents about problems they are facing and are unable to cope with. We begin our youth counseling where we teach the youth how to resist peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol. We help them develop a certain pride and self esteem which are efficient tools to resisting peer pressure.
Believe in God, believe in yourself and be yourself are the key words.

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